Top MBA Colleges In Canada For Indian Students 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Getting an MBA degree is a very popular choice, and Canada is the perfect destination to get an MBA degree from a well-recognised university. Companies are in constant need of graduates who understand the market and can take their organisations to new heights. The universities in Canada have the highest acceptance of Indian students because of their impressive skills and determination. 

Additionally, MBA programmes in Canada provide a good learning environment and educate students about the job market in Canada. It is beneficial to acquire your degree from the top MBA colleges in Canada, as it gives your employers a sense of ease that you will conquer the market easily.

Top 7 MBA Colleges in Canada with fee structures

Now let us take a look at the top MBA colleges in Canada (in no particular order):

The Rotman School of Management

It is among the top-ranked MBA colleges in Canada for its extensive education. It is a private university located in Ontario that provides morning and evening batches for different classes. Their management programme covers topics such as managerial economics, corporate finance, macroeconomics, decision-making, and more to prepare students for real-life applications.

Term: 2 years

Fees: CAD 59,450

York University in Schulich

Another very well-recognised university among the top-ranked MBA colleges in Canada for management studies York University provides a wide course catalogue covering business studies as well as electives for a well-rounded degree that aids in real-world challenges. Additionally, they also provide a housing facility for students as well as the option to choose suites.

Term: 2 years

Fees: CAD 52,040

University of Alberta

A well-recognised university for higher studies with a 40% international student population. They are rated highly among MBA colleges in Canada for their excellent faculty and student advisors. Their exam structure provides options for midterm multiple-choice tests or midterm essays, depending on the faculty. Their primary concern is not the high score but a complete education programme for the students.

Term: 20 months

Fees: CAD 16,520

Ivey Business School

They have received the highest rating as compared to other MBA colleges in Canada. They provide semester-based programmes, for which you can register on an online portal. Their curriculum is largely based on business case studies. This technique helps students prepare for leadership roles in real-world scenarios. It also trains them to make decisions and take action.

Term: 1 year

Fees: CAD 1,11,750

Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business at Queen’s University

This university is quite famous and among the top universities in Canada for MBAs for its excellent faculty and diversity of campus recruiters. They are among the primary MBA colleges in Canada that provide an entrepreneurship programme. They have a 97% employment rate within 3 months of graduation and 90% before completion of the full-time MBA programme.

Term: 1 year

Fees: CAD 95,000

HEC Montreal

Located in one of the reasonably priced metropolitan areas, this is among the MBA colleges in Canada that are recognised for their excellence in teaching. It is a subsidiary of the University of Montreal. HEC Montreal has the best faculties from around the world. They are highly regarded for their 1-year course, which covers an entire 2-year curriculum. Additionally, being located in a metropolitan area of Canada, the students receive tremendous exposure to market conditions and internships.

Term: 1 year

Fees: CAD 49,000

UBC Sauder

As a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia, it ranks among the top MBA colleges in Canada. They encourage students to learn and innovate on a global platform. The college has a very strong experiential learning programme.

Term: 16 months

Fees: CAD 60,045

There is a wide array of MBA programmes offered by each of these universities. The fee structure often deters the determination of Indian students. But you need not fret.

MBA Colleges In Canada without GMAT

There are a few universities that accept students with low GMAT scores. However, the candidate needs to have a strong resume, excellent academic records, an impressive statement of purpose (SOP), and a cover letter. Below are the MBA colleges in Canada without the GMAT for Indian students.

  • Ivey Business School- Western University Canada
  • Schulich School of Business- York University
  • HEC Montreal
  • Rotman School of Management
  • Telfer School of Management

Reasons Why MBA in Canada is Good for Indian Students


Getting an MBA degree from a Canadian university is in demand for several reasons. Canadian universities have made their way to the top 100 Global MBA Ranking list and secured a prominent position despite fierce competition from popular universities in the U.S. and Europe.

Easy Process & Affordable

They offer affordability so that Indian students can take advantage of studying outside their home country without having to bear a hefty loan. Canada attracts students from all over the world, thus offering multicultural exposure to students. Moreover, the admission process and student visa approval procedures are simple, with an affordable Canada student visa fee.

Job Opportunities

Post-study in Canada, degrees from top Canadian universities help obtain them and also offer lucrative job opportunities for those who wish to stay back and work in Canada. Most Canadian universities stress practical knowledge as much as they do theory. Hence, students get the dual advantage of having their theory concepts clear and gaining hands-on experience while studying at the university.

Opportunity to be Part of a Global Network

Most MBA schools abroad have faculty who have work experience in global conglomerates. Such business schools and universities have established relationships with the best contacts, be they individuals, brands, or corporations.

Furthermore, joining a business school in a foreign country will allow you to know other cultures, exchange ideas, and interact with a global population of peers and professors from different parts of the world. You also get the opportunity to interact with and learn from a global alumnus who has been there and done what you are seeking to do.

Best Cities in Canada for Higher Education

  • Toronto
  • Montréal
  • Québec City
  • Vancouver

Eligibility Criteria For Top MBA Colleges in Canada

Before we look into the top colleges, let us quickly go through the eligibility for MBA colleges in Canada for Indian students. Here is what you need to keep in mind:

Prior Qualification

If you’re applying to an MBA college in Canada, or anywhere really, you need to hold a completed bachelor’s degree. The qualification must be from a recognised university. That does not mean that it has to be expensive or world-renowned. MBA colleges in Canada need to know that you have completed your graduation from a government-approved university.

GMAT Score

You need to appear for the GMAT exam and acquire a good score, in order to get admission to one of the top MBA colleges in Canada.

Proficiency in the English Language

Since Canada is an English-speaking country, you are required to appear for an IELTS or TOEFL examination and score well. This is to ensure that you can adjust to the country seamlessly and grasp the lectures that are delivered in English. You don’t have to be an enthusiast, but you should at least understand, read, write, and speak the English language fluently.

Work Experience

Even though it is not mandatory to have work experience, most MBA colleges in Canada prefer to admit students who have some prior industry experience. This allows you to bring more perspective to the classroom scene, where the discussions are professional. The top MBA universities in Canada are highly favourable to those with work experience.

Cost to Study in Canada for Indian Students

The cost of studying in Canada covers a set of factors. Let us take a look at them:


Amount per annum (CAD)


$ 7000 – 35000


$ 8000 – 10000

Living (Food, leisure, etc.)

$ 10560 approximately


$ 350 approximately


$ 1000

Financial Aid for Indian Students

The living expenses for an MBA student at a Canadian university can cost up to CAD 6000 to CAD 16800 if you live off-campus, which can go up to CAD 20000 if you choose to live on campus. Considering all auxiliary expenses, the total cost of living would be about CAD 35,000 to CAD 55,000 per year.

Application Process for MBA in Canada

The application process to apply for an MBA in Canada is quite lengthy, which is why it is suggested to start the application process 15–18 months before the target session. To obtain the application form, you need to visit the official website of the university. Documents required to apply in Canada:

  • All the documents of your graduate program
  • GMAT score and English language proficiency test score (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • Financial documents and bank account statements
  • Resume, CV, SOP, Cover Letter and Work-experience document
  • Visa documents

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